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Mobile Operating/Lifting Control

Mobile phone download dikino APP can control the movement of the bed far and near, adjust the height of back legs according to their preferences.


Mobile Operating/Practical Functions

DIKINO  joins hands with German OIKN to open a new standard of humanized intelligent mattress for you. The system can automatically match the angle of deep sleep for you. It can store your favorite angle of rise and fall. Next time, you can reach the angle of storage by one key.


Mobile phone operation/massage physiotherapy control

Mobile phone download dikino APP can control the movement of the bed, massage physiotherapy control, click massage, instantly experience the cloud body feeling.


Mobile Operations/Remote Control

Intelligent night light control, motor night light buttons, Dijino intelligent mattress will become a gorgeous night scene, at any time for your nightlife to add fun; at night, no longer need to wake up with bedroom lights disturb loved ones and children.


Environmental Safety/Following Human Needs

From design to production, we follow ergonomics, select natural latex and memory cotton filling, high elasticity and flexibility, full skin touch, and break through the traditional shackles, combined with the current new technology, ingenious manufacture of intelligent mattress, so that you have a healthy, free and natural sleep.

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