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Dikino, originated in Chino Hills, California, USA. The founder takes Di + Kino as the brand name, which means to better provide people with high-quality mattress products.
In the 1980s, dikino produced the first modern mattress in California, USA, which attracted the attention of the industry and improved its popularity in the local area; in the 1990s, the first dikino electric mattress was born and repeatedly won the European and American furniture awards; through the in-depth innovation of product technology and the spirit of self breakthrough, the company produced the first new intelligent mattress in the early 21st century, so as to walk away In the forefront of the industry, its mattress and soft bed design has become the world's benchmark.
In 2016, dikino officially authorized Huizhou sialiy smart home Co., Ltd. to sell dikino series high-end smart mattresses in Greater China, and to serve the Chinese people and help science and technology develop synchronously with developed countries.

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