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Good sleep needs good mattress, intelligent mattress is good

Sleep is the root of people's long-term health, good sleep will have a good spirit to work and study. In today's busy and tense society, how can we make ourselves have a good sleep quality? In fact, a good sleep is inseparable from a comfortable, durable, sanitary and environmentally friendly mattress. And the types of mattresses on the market are complex and diverse. How to choose a good mattress material is what everyone who wants to have a high quality of sleep must pay attention to.

I. Palm mattress
The main component of the palm mattress is palm fiber, which is hard and thick, and will emit a natural palm odor in the use process. This may be due to the high formaldehyde content. Its durability is poor. The long-term use of the mattress will lead to deformation and collapse. It is also prone to borers or mildew problems.
2. 3D mattress
It is a mattress made of a single three-dimensional material, usually composed of double-sided mesh cloth and intermediate connecting wire. Its permeability and resilience are good. The thickness of mattress is determined by the number of layers of material. The general thickness of mattress is composed of 8-10 layers of three-dimensional material, and then the coat is stitched with sandwich mesh cloth or three-dimensional material.

3. Spring mattress
The cushion core is made up of spring, which is full of elasticity, but it has poor supporting performance, good air permeability and durability. It belongs to one of the mattresses that people choose more in their daily life. Its cost performance is relatively high. With the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the types of spring mattresses also show diversification and can be subdivided into many categories, which greatly enriches people's choice.

4. Sponge mattress
Made of sponge, it's very soft, like being comfortable and gentle in the sea. However, too soft, not conducive to a good state of sleep.

5. Intelligent mattress
Intelligent mattress, as its name implies, is an intelligent, remote-controlled electric mattress. Smart mattress controls the rise and fall of the mattress by mobile phone. It can be used for various up and down operations at the head and tail of the mattress, and can be deformable. It contains heating function, Bluetooth listening to music, remote massage and other functions. Intelligent mattress quality is very good, soft moderate, containing sponge, latex and other high-grade material composition. Environmental protection and durability are innovative products of contemporary mattress.
From the above several mattresses, we can see that the functions and utility of intelligent mattresses are very good. As a part of smart home life, but also the most important part, smart mattress is also playing a better role in allowing people to have a good sleep state and constantly innovative changes.

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