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Why Smart Home has unlimited potential? Look at this article

Today's era is an era of intellectualization, we are constantly adapting to the intelligent environment every day. In the case of wireless charging, it has been popular since the beginning, because we no longer need to charge the USB interface with the data line. In fact, with the wireless charging function introduced by many mobile phone manufacturers, wireless charging gradually penetrates from smart phones to wearing smart hardware, smart home, medical equipment and other aspects, bringing good opportunities for development to many industries.

The smart home market in China is expected to reach nearly 140 billion yuan this year. By 2022, that number will rise to more than 850 billion.In this era, people's demand for personal experience and personalization is constantly rising. With the constant promotion and development of science and technology, smart home also changes our living and consumption habits to a certain extent.

Whether it is small household appliances represented by sweeping robots and floor cleaners, or smart household appliances represented by electric beds, intelligent mattresses, electric sofas, and even remote control doors and windows, they all occupy the main line of the development of modern society. Intelligent home market is the dominant, will play the wireless operation incisively and vividly.
For example, the smart floor cleaner needs to wipe the floor while spraying water. The current charging mode is either to take the battery off and charge it with a line, but the body itself has water, so the charging with a line is very easy to cause short circuit. And if wireless charging enters an area and starts charging, it's okay to splash a basin of water.

The earliest WiFi networking control to today's fingerprint recognition, speech recognition, human-computer interaction performance has greatly improved, smart home products are developing from low intelligence to high intelligence. Haier launched the "U + Smart Life Platform" and one-stop intelligent solution package; Samsung proposed the concept of "Intelligent Internet of Things", trying to integrate household appliances, digital, mobile devices and even automobiles into the Smart Things platform to achieve seamless interconnection. These market trends indicate that the era of smart home is accelerating.

The future is bright. Smart home drives the development of wireless charging, which seems to be in order. Also, it is the constant innovation and development of science and technology that makes our life experience more and more beautiful today.

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