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Question-solving | Why is a smart mattress better than a sma

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the new market of smart home. The meaning of smart home is to use remote control to operate various functions of household appliances, so that people can experience the comfortable, healthy and fast home life brought by intellectualization in an all-round way without manual work.

Today, we are going to discuss the comparison of bedding - "smart mattress" and "smart bed". By comparing the functions of DIKINO, a high-end brand of smart mattress, with the functions of smart mattress, which is popular in the market, we will find that: the original ratio of smart mattress to smart mattress Intelligent beds are much better in all aspects, which are more in line with people's pursuit of intelligent bedding. Now follow Xiaobian to see what's going on?!
Intelligent mattress VS intelligent bed, which is good or bad?

1. Intelligent mattress uses built-in functional steel frame, completely inside the mattress, concealing the steel frame; while the steel frame of the intelligent bed is exposed, which makes people feel a little rustic, unsightly, and then feel that it will not show grade.

2. It is precisely because the steel frame of the intelligent mattress is placed inside the mattress that consumers can safely and safely use it. They need not worry about the gripping of the steel frame during operation or use, nor about the insecurity of the intelligent mattress. Because the steel frame is exposed, the intelligent mattress needs to be always on guard against its own safety in operation or use. Fear that exposed steel frames may injure hands, feet or other parts of the body.

3. The weight of intelligent mattress can reach 150 KG, which is fully suitable for the use of ordinary family members. Because of the need for steel frame to support the mattress, the weight of intelligent mattress is only between 80 and 100 KG, so it is difficult to apply to obese people.

4. DIKINO intelligent mattress is designed without splints. Mattress material is made of natural imported latex with zero formaldehyde, which is environmentally friendly. Consumers can use it safely. The smart beds on the market have splints, and the mattress material used is ordinary, the formaldehyde content is high, and the environmental protection experience is poor.

5. Intelligent mattress is a mattress and mattress, and the mattress is placed in the interior of the mattress, so it can be easily used without installation. In addition, the length and width of the intelligent mattress 180CM*90CM is only 40KG, which is very convenient to carry; and besides mattress and mattress, the intelligent mattress also needs to use the mattress splint, and requires field professionals. For assembly, the same length and width of 180CM*90CM, the weight of the smart bed is 80KG, which is very inconvenient to carry.

6. Smart mattress has independent bag spring, sleeping elastically, and any bed frame can be matched, convenient and comfortable; while smart bed does not have spring, no comfort, and is limited to inner diameter bed frame matching, which is very inconvenient.

7. The sponge layer of the intelligent mattress keeps pace with the functional frame during the start-up and landing, and will not shift, while the fabric of the intelligent mattress can be cotton balls and will not wrinkle during the start-up and landing; the mattress will shift when the intelligent mattress starts-down, requiring the protection of copper tendon bar, and the fabric is single-layer, and the start-fall will slide.
This article is mainly to explain to you a situation, that is, whether in the use of comfort, safety, convenience, environmental protection and other aspects of smart mattress are crushed smart bed, so Xiaobian or suggest that you choose to buy smart mattress or smart bed, need to see more aspects. In fact, in any respect, smart mattress is the best choice for future bedding!

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