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Interpretation: Concept and Function of Intelligent Mattress

        Anyone who knows it should know that as we enter middle age, we are not as good as before in all aspects of our body. We are beginning to have problems of insomnia, obesity, backache and so on. In old age, the problem becomes more prominent and urgent. At this moment, we urgently need a way to improve our physical condition, and intelligent mattress comes into being, bringing a turning point for the majority of middle-aged and elderly people: it uses bedding mattress as a breakthrough, uses electric remote sensing to improve the quality of sleep, and gradually cures insomnia, backache, obesity and other issues, is a very good sleep partner for middle-aged and elderly friends.

        The next edition will talk with you about the smart mattress: What is the smart mattress? What are its functions? How to improve sleep quality?

        What is electric smart mattress?

        In fact, the electric intelligent mattress is an intelligent monitoring bedding product for family members (especially middle-aged and elderly people), which can provide sleep and physical health monitoring for family members. Intelligent mattress can be real-time, including sleep monitoring, daily sleep reports, monthly sleep data, combined with professional medical institutions, to give you all-round health advice and care.

        Because smart mattress is a relatively new smart home product in China, more precisely, it is a smart bedding product. So now on the market, most people are not clear about what the smart mattress is, and because there are often similar products in the market, leading to consumer cognitive confusion. After investigation, we know that the key functions of intelligent mattress on the market are as follows: first, the detection function. Many manufacturers sell mattresses without good enough sensing system, unable to obtain accurate data, monitoring sleep is impossible to talk about; secondly, the intelligent algorithm, some of the mattresses on sale only have a beautiful APP interface, after collecting data, they can not be formed. Targeted transformation. These inferior so-called "smart" mattress products reduce the good impression of smart mattress in the eyes of consumers.

        What functional characteristics do electric intelligent mattresses have?

        In order to solve the above problems, in order to improve, first of all, it is necessary to detect, and obtain a continuous period of sleep tracking, present this data to sleep professionals, and then judge and intervene; in addition, the mattress itself should be comfortable, the latex mattress with memory function can provide better comfort for different body shapes. 。

        On this basis, we investigated and screened all the intelligent mattress products on the market, and found a product that can fully meet the above requirements, namely DIKINO intelligent mattress. Its main features are as follows:

        1. Real time recording, long-term tracking, remote interaction, online consultation. This mattress equipped with APP can record sleep information in real time, and form daily, weekly and monthly reports. It can review sleep status for a period of time. It can also allow family members to monitor and consult and improve sleep through mobile APP.
        2. Accurate and comprehensive detection function. The mattress has built-in high-sensitivity sensors, which can accurately capture user data, and judge the current sleep state of users through algorithms, such as light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, waking state, and so on, and record them.
        3. Intelligent ridge protection function. DIKINO Intelligent Mattress combines non-thermal memory cotton with independent bag spring, which makes the mattress have better pressure relief and support ability, reduces the spinal pressure and supports the natural extension of the spine.

        In addition, the mattress also has an intelligent ventilation system, quiet, easy to clean, but also equipped with night lights, making it safer and more comfortable to wake up at night.

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