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Unscramble: about the benefits of electric mattress lifting

        Friends who know well should know that the core feature of electric mattress is to use mobile phone to download app to remotely control the operation of various functions of mattress; and the lifting function is the basis and main function of these functions.

        Today, let's talk about what kind of benefits can the lifting function of electric mattress bring to people's bodies?
        1. What are the advantages of the electric mattress's back leg lift function?

        The electric mattress has a lifting function called back and legs lifting. When people feel tired, they can relax all over the body and relieve their own pressure properly to make people enjoy more.
        2. What are the advantages of the back rising function of the electric mattress?

        The back rising function of the electric mattress is mainly for reading books, TV, newspapers and magazines, Internet, etc. to adjust to their own suitable angle to improve the back comfort.
        3. What are the advantages of the leg rising function of the electric mattress?

        The electric mattress leg rising function is mainly to promote the circulation of blood in the legs and relieve the pain in the legs.
        4. What are the advantages of the head and tail lifting function of the electric mattress?

        Compared with the use of medical care, the lifting function is more perfect and diversified. According to the principle of ergonomics, five body segmented joint points (i.e. the bending point of human body) are set on the bedstead. Through remote control operation, the bedstead angle can be adjusted at will to adapt to the bending angle of various parts of the human body, adjust the body posture freely, reduce the pressure on the neck, sit upright, lie back or only raise the legs to promote blood circulation. It adopts three intelligent control modes of iPad / iPhone / remote control, which is more convenient to use and operate.

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