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Internal structure and function of intelligent mattress

The intelligent mattress refers to the mattress with the function of lifting, heating, Bluetooth connection, massage and so on through the remote control or mobile phone download app client to display its powerful intelligent function.

Do you know the inner structure of intelligent mattress? How much effect can these structures have on human sleep? Today, the editor will tell you about the internal structure and function of dikino intelligent mattress.

Inner structure of intelligent mattress


Dikino intelligent mattress internal structure is divided into eight parts, from top to bottom are: knitted fabric + sponge + woven square cotton; latex; high resilience sponge; independent bag spring; independent design and manufacture of high-quality iron frame; motor gap; high elastic cotton; knitted fabric + sponge + woven square cotton. Wrapped layer by layer, the overall structure is clear and smooth, so that the intelligent mattress shows a better side.

The function of intelligent mattress

1. High grade jacquard knitted cotton to prevent allergy, insect and mite;

2. Select natural latex and high-quality memory cotton, high elasticity and flexibility, skin touch;

3. The back and legs fall together, and the invisible force lengthens the skeleton and enlivens the tibia;

4. Lift the back and legs together to relax the whole body and relieve the pressure properly;

5. Leg rising, effectively preventing leg numbness, haematoma and leg pain;

6. Raise the legs to promote blood circulation;
7. Adjust your back to 60 degrees, watch TV, read, listen to music and enjoy yourself.

8. Raise your back 75 degrees to keep your body weightless;
9. Maintain cervical vertebra and improve sleep quality;
10. The inner part of mattress is welded with steel structure to fully balance and support the body;
11. Stop snoring miraculously and enjoy comfortable and good sleep;
12. The unique lifting design helps you take care of every family member who is inconvenient to move;

13. Free and versatile, easy to control all kinds of bedsteads.

Of course, each kind of intelligent mattress or intelligent mattress of different brands has different internal structures and functions. However, as a mattress that can rise and fall intelligently, intelligent mattress is more and more favored and respected by consumers.

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