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Understand the advantages of electric mattress from details

        Before that, the editor has explained some advantages and functions of electric mattresses to you. In fact, it is interpreted from the general direction. Today, I will tell you about the advantages of electric mattress from the material details. I believe you will be more interested in electric mattress after reading this article.

        As we all know, the quality of products can be reflected in details, which is called "details determine success or failure". Therefore, the process, material and joint processing can see whether a product tends to be perfect.
        First, the details of the mattress's sideband should be neat and tight in this respect, and there should not be any gap; the high-quality sponge strip in the house can shape a full and plump note, making the sideband feel full, so that people can know the quality of its products at a glance, without losing the fashion taste.

        The second is the selection of the inner material of the mattress. The selection of natural latex material is more conducive to pinhole ventilation. Because pure natural latex is evenly distributed with many air holes, it can effectively circulate air flow, ventilate and dehumidify, prevent mites and bacteria. It is the best choice for mattress material. And the formaldehyde content of natural latex is low, which plays an environmental protection role.

        Third, it's about the choice of mattress thickness. We know that the length and width of mattress are generally fixed, which can also be customized according to customer needs. For example, the length / width is 1.8m / 1.8m or 0.9m, and the length / width is 1.5m / 1.5m, etc. However, the thickness is required, which is conducive to better operation of all functions of the electric mattress. It is recommended to be more than 25cm. Because it can be filled with a thicker and better material, and it will not lead to the lack of sponge, latex and other materials due to the lack of thickness, which will affect the quality of sleep and the comfort of the mattress.

        Fourth, we should handle the fillets carefully. We know that the mattresses are all rectangular or square, but there are four fillets. It is necessary for each manufacturer to design these fillets properly so as to avoid being hit or scratched. Therefore, the most important way is to make anti-collision design for careful rounded arc, which can prevent the occurrence of danger.

        Fifth, as for the material selection, the electric mattress is an intelligent bedding, so its price is relatively high. But although the price is higher than other non intelligent mattresses, it is actually more expensive than other kinds of mattresses in terms of materials. For example, electric mattresses are made of a variety of high-quality and high-quality materials. For example, dikino electric mattresses are divided into knitted cotton fabric, natural imported latex, high rebound sponge, zoned bag spring, etc. And pure natural latex is one of the best materials. Because natural latex has the advantages of low formaldehyde content, anti bacteria and anti mite, moderate soft and hard comfort, etc.

        Sixthly, as for the movement selection of electric mattress, we also take dikino as an example, and adopt the Okin movement imported from Germany. The new machine has the characteristics of low noise, smoother adjustment strength and stronger durability. Therefore, the electric mattress can make use of its powerful intelligent control system to make your sleep life more stable and comfortable.

        We often say that there is no small matter in the details. Therefore, to deal with the details well is the door to success. From these small details, we can see that the electric mattress is really a very practical and easy-to-use intelligent bedding product. It will add more fun and comfort to our smart home life.

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