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Explanation: functional advantages of electric mattress

        Friends who have known or purchased electric mattress must know that electric mattress is a kind of intelligent bedding, which can be said to be specially designed for middle-aged and elderly people. When human beings reach middle age, all kinds of troubles and diseases begin to come. If you are overworked, you will often have back pain, sleepiness, sudden waking up in your dream, obesity, various diseases and other problems.

        The intelligent electric mattress is operated by remote control equipment, which is a kind of intelligent bedding specially designed to solve these problems of the middle-aged and the elderly. In addition to a variety of advanced functional features, electric mattress can also monitor human sleep. Next, I will explain how to solve the problem of sleep and how to monitor sleep in detail.

       Breaking through sleep problems and enhancing sleep quality



        1. Electric lifting, farewell to backache


        With natural, healthy and soft materials, the mattress is as light as feather, and the body has no pressure. Electric mattress soft and hard moderate, balanced support, wake up full of physical strength, so that you no longer worry about work caused by backache.

        2. Sleep promoting effect, second sleep is no longer a dream


        The health of human body is greatly affected by sleep problems. In the process of sleep, human body needs to complete the repair of body spirit, so as to enhance immunity and promote cell repair and growth. And the up and down lifting function of the electric mattress can very well let you say goodbye to the difficulty of falling asleep, so that you can sleep with the bed.

        3. Mute technology, bed companion does not interfere with each other


        The electric mattress is designed with independent spring and seven sections of support. It is specially designed for the stress conditions of seven different parts of the human body. Even if the body is turned over and over, it will not produce sound and achieve the silent effect.

        4. Three defense technology, the charm of sleeping out


        We know that mattresses are easy to produce bacteria or even mites, while electric mattresses adopt "Three Prevention" technology, namely, anti mite, anti bacteria and anti allergy, so that you can say goodbye to mites and have healthy mattresses.

        5. Health tips, formaldehyde free technology


        The electric mattress is made of natural materials, which can prevent formaldehyde from happening at the root, avoid skin allergy and rash, protect skin well, and make you sleep safely.

       24-hour monitoring, comprehensive detection of sleep status


        1. Real time recording, long-term tracking, remote interaction, online consultation. The mobile phone download app applet equipped with the electric mattress can record the sleep information in real time, and form daily, weekly and monthly reports to review the sleep status for a period of time, and also allow family members to monitor and consult and improve the sleep status through the mobile phone app;

        2. Accurate and comprehensive detection function. The electric mattress is equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor, which can accurately capture the user's data, and judge the user's current sleep state through algorithms, such as light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, awake and other states, and record them;

        3. Intelligent ridge protection function. The electric mattress adopts the combination of non thermal memory cotton and independent bag spring, which makes the mattress have better pressure release and support ability, reduce the spine pressure, and support the natural extension of the spine.

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