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On Intelligent mattress and traditional mattress

        For traditional mattresses, such as spring mattresses, sponge mattresses, inflatable mattresses and so on, you may know more about them. For intelligent mattresses, which have only entered the Chinese market in the last decade, you may still be unfamiliar with them. Today we are going to talk about the difference between intelligent mattress and traditional mattress. Through understanding, I believe you will have a better understanding of intelligent mattress.

        In fact, with the rapid development of smart home, smart mattress also began to enter the ordinary family. We need a better understanding of the design principle of intelligent mattress. In fact, the intelligent mattress has a very excellent human craft design structure. According to the principle of ergonomics, five body segmented joint points (i.e. the bending points of human body: head, lumbar spine, hip, knee and ankle) are set up on the bedstead. Through remote control operation, the bedstead angle can be adjusted at will to adapt to the bending angle of various parts of the human body, adjust the body posture freely, reduce the neck pressure, sit upright, step back or only raise the feet to promote blood circulation.


        Difference one:


        Different from the ordinary mattress, dikino intelligent mattress can measure the sleep quality by monitoring the user's breath and heart rate. Go to sleep in the morning, open the "go to sleep" app, and you can see the sleep time, heart rate, roll over times, even snoring data of last night. Its intelligence lies in that it can not only help users monitor sleep, but also improve sleep. For example, when the user snores, the intelligent mattress can automatically adjust the height of the mattress on the back, intervene snoring treatment, so as to relieve snoring symptoms; when the user's heart rate is abnormal, go to sleep bar will automatically remind the preset relatives and friends.

        The difference is two:


        Traditionally, people think that sleeping in plank bed and hard bed can make people healthy. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The traditional wooden bed and hard bed have low compatibility with the physiological structure of human body, and they are not suitable for the needs of human body curve. People just lie on the four points of head, back, buttock and heel to bear the pressure, which makes the waist suspended and the spine stiff and tense all the time, which is not conducive to the health of spine. The mattress that is too soft will make the whole body sunken as soon as you lie down, thus changing the normal curvature of the spine of the human body, leading to the curvature or distortion of the spine, and making the muscles and ligaments related to the human body taut, resulting in the feeling of backache and leg pain.

        Dikino intelligent mattress is made of natural latex, which is quite suitable for human body. The natural pure latex material is safe and harmless, which is suitable for human skin and physiological structure, and is highly sought after by European and American consumers. In addition, the contact area of latex mattress is much higher than that of ordinary mattress, which can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of human body weight and has the function of correcting bad sleeping posture. Dikino intelligent mattress is green and healthy. It does not contain chemicals. In addition, it has good air permeability, antibacterial property, no noise, no vibration and other characteristics, which can effectively improve sleep quality.

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