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Differences between latex mattress and other mattresses

        Sleep is the foundation of human health, so how can we have a healthy sleep? In fact, in addition to work, life, physical, psychological and other reasons, to have a "healthy, comfortable, beautiful, durable" bedding is the key to get high-quality sleep. With the continuous progress and innovation of material civilization and technology, the types of mattresses used by modern people tend to be diversified, mainly including spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, inflatable mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc. in terms of market share of these mattresses, spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses account for a large proportion.

        There are various kinds of modern mattresses, so when you buy mattresses, you need to choose them according to your own needs. In terms of price, we must not buy things that are too cheap. As the saying goes, there is no good thing that is cheap, which is the reason. In addition, many people think that the harder the mattress is, the better it is. In fact, the mattress is too hard, but the waist and back can't get balanced support. The spine can't maintain the normal radian, which makes the shoulders and buttocks pressed. When you sleep, you will feel uncomfortable. Today, we will make a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the traditional non intelligent mattress to see which kind of mattress is more conducive to the requirements of modern people for sleep quality?

        Have known should know, mattress is divided into soft mattress and hard mattress. Like spring mattress, sponge mattress, latex mattress and so on belong to soft mattress, palm mattress belongs to hard mattress. Before choosing a mattress, you should consider whether you need a soft mattress or a hard mattress.
        The spring mattress is mainly divided into connecting spring and independent spring. The supporting force, average stress degree and pressure distribution of the connecting spring are better than those of the independent spring. The independent spring is softer than the connecting spring, characterized by independence. The quality of spring material determines the support force and durability.

        Sponge mattress according to the density of different softness is not the same, the disadvantage is airtight.

        The water mattress is warm in winter and cool in summer; the inflatable mattress is easy to collect and carry, but it is airtight. If there is any accidental damage, it needs to be repaired.

        The 3D material mattress also belongs to a kind of soft mattress, and the internal central control ventilation is also relatively strong, which can be washed with water.

        Palm mattresses are hard mattresses, but they have good air permeability, but they have poor elasticity and can grow insects and bacteria. Once they get damp and water, they are easy to collapse the mattresses, so they must have DuPont anti mite cloth (with waterproof function) when they are purchased.

        Although the price of latex mattress is relatively expensive, its hardness and softness are moderate, which has the effect of anti mite and sterilization as well as the effect of mute; the formaldehyde content is also low, which meets the needs of modern environmental protection home life; in addition, the natural latex can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of human body weight, has the function of correcting bad sleeping posture, and has good air permeability, so it is very comfortable to sleep.

        What we are going to talk about today is the benefits of latex mattress. Now take dikino latex spring mattress as an example to show you the advantages of latex mattress. I believe that you will know more about latex mattress after reading it!

        As we all know, the quality of products can be reflected in details, which is called "details determine success or failure". Therefore, the process, material and joint processing can see whether a product tends to be beautiful.

        First, in terms of the details of the side band of the latex mattress, it is necessary to make the side band neat and tight in this respect, and there should be no cracks; adding high-quality sponge strip inside can create a full and plump note, making the side band full of texture, so that people can see that the quality of its products is excellent without losing the fashion taste.

        The second is in the selection of mattress internal material, choose natural latex material is more conducive to pinhole ventilation. Because pure natural latex is evenly distributed with many air holes, it can effectively circulate air flow, ventilate and dehumidify, prevent mites and bacteria. It is the best choice for mattress material. And the formaldehyde content of natural latex is low, which plays an environmental protection role.

        The third is about the selection of mattress thickness. We know that the length and width of mattress are generally fixed, and can also be customized according to customer needs. For example, the length / width is 1.8m / 1.8m or 0.9m, and the length / width is 1.5m / 1.5m, etc. But the thickness is required. The thicker the latex mattress is, the better the quality and comfort of sleep will be, and our sleep will be more comfortable. Of course, the price will be more expensive.

        The fourth is to carefully handle the fillets. We know that the mattress is rectangular or square, but there are four fillets. For the reasonable design of these fillets, it is necessary for each manufacturer to deal with the problems such as not being hit or scratched. Therefore, the most important way is to make anti-collision design for careful rounded arc, which can prevent the occurrence of danger.
        All of the above are the traditional mattresses that often appear in home textile market and home furnishing market. The author thinks that latex mattresses have good functions, such as environmental protection, safety, quietness and ventilation, as well as the functions of dispersing human body load and correcting bad sleeping posture. As for the dikino latex spring mattress mentioned in this article, we will analyze its details and materials, and believe that we will have more recognition and affirmation for the latex mattress.

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