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Smart home life in the future? That's good!

       Today in 2020, with the development of intelligent technology, furniture intellectualization has moved to a new level. In particular, the extensive application of virtual technology has brought new experience and new vision to smart home life. As the CEO of a brand marketing who has been engaged in smart home for many years said: "in 2019, we can obviously feel that the market of smart home has recovered a lot. Smart home products have been loved and recognized by many consumers, and the market prospect is broad." Today, we might as well imagine what kind of scene the smart home life will be in ten years' time? Maybe the following can be used for reference.


      Smart ecosystem appliances will extend the industrial chain

       We know that in addition to smart phones, the already popular smart products are not TVs. Now, of course, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and even small kitchen appliances are playing with intelligence. In order to cater to the constant greedy pursuit of the material demand of consumers, the manufacturer is more like a waiter, providing everything the consumers need. Like washing machine with a WiFi module, it can be operated remotely and intelligently. This is a function that can be realized at this stage, but in the long run, network connection is only the first step.

       Intelligent ecology is a "circle", and many products need to be added. For example, the intellectualization of refrigerators depends on the food industry chain, rather than putting a tablet computer on the door plate of refrigerators. The sensor will automatically identify the remaining amount of food in your refrigerators, automatically prompt to supplement food, and place an order online to deliver food to your home. Use the camera to get the food you take every day, analyze the energy you take every day through the big data in the background, and make healthy recipes to provide scientific and nutritious food recipes.

       As one authority said, smart refrigerators, smart air conditioners, smart washing machines, smart mattresses and so on, the premise of these products are all built on remote control and network. At present, smart home appliances may have just achieved 20%, but as long as the network service is mature and the ecosystem is successfully established, the foundation now undertakes 80% of the task in the future.

      Diversified living room entertainment

       With the development of virtual technology application, it is possible for living room entertainment to be diversified. In most families, living room entertainment will still revolve around TV, which will still firmly control the initiative of living room entertainment life. In order to make the future living room entertainment no longer monotonous and boring, friends who like TV may find that now TV has already entered the era of ultra-thin and ultra-high definition, leaving the past simple and rough! And like "no screen" TV friends will choose home projection. Yes, it's a key step for home theater and an important part of the family entertainment we can imagine in the future.

       Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary-general of China electronics chamber of Commerce, said that the living room in the future is intelligent and ecological, and all the intelligent products added are in a circle, mainly controlled on TV. That is to say, in the future, TV must be artistic in appearance and powerful in internal performance, so as to dominate the living room entertainment. "

      Home life is more personalized

       We can imagine that these intelligent hardware may appear in the living room in the future. Such as bulb, socket, temperature detector As a supplement to home life, it does not depend on the product itself, but automatically provides personalized services through user habits. For example, your alarm is synchronized with the electric light, and it will automatically light up at 7 a.m. to wake you up; the temperature detector is connected with the air conditioner and purifier at home to provide you with a comfortable and healthy environment.

       At present, the smart home market has entered a prosperous state. As far as consumers are concerned, people are paying more and more attention to their own lifestyle and shaping their own home environment, so the requirements for household products will be higher and higher, and consumer demand will always be an important influencing factor of market orientation. Just like the real-time online video, cloud platform control, 360 degree rotation, big data cloud alarm, intelligent entertainment interaction, night vision, intelligent video review, all-weather care without dead space, this is what users need and what manufacturers need to think.

       It is not hard for us to imagine that in the future, the smart home market will be inseparable from cloud computing technology, which will make the smart home more powerful. Real time video is used to detect house dynamics, and "tracing to the source" is more accurate. Cloud services not only provide high configuration family security settings, but also make the family energy management and control to the extreme.

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