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How to treat the development of intelligent mattress?

       In the past 50 years, the development of mattress industry has gone through three stages:
       1. Spring mattresses and hard mattresses made of brown silk, which rose in the 1970s, are the main representatives, in addition to the bed body.

       2. Since the new century, there are two types of electric mattress spread from Europe to China, one is composed of mattress, electric mattress frame and bed body; the other is the combination of electric mattress frame and mattress and bed body. The price of this kind of electric mattress usually ranges from 30000 to 100000 yuan.
       3. In recent years, the intelligent mattress, which integrates mattress, electric skeleton, massager and bed body, can be used alone or with any style of bed body at home.

       In fact, the newly developed intelligent mattress integrates a variety of high-quality and healthy sleep raw materials around the world for human sleep habits, and designs three different soft and hard mattresses through scientific combination. It can raise the position of the legs under the action of the electric motor, so that the blood can flow back, which is of great benefit to the heart, brain and legs; it can also raise the position of the head, which is convenient for reading in bed, watching TV and other leisure entertainment. The original back rolling massage and back and leg vibration massage system can relax the body, regulate the body and mind, relax the muscles and bones, taste the beauty of life, and fully guarantee your sleep quality.
       In addition, most of the movements of intelligent mattresses are originated from the leading sleep technology of 6-core Pflege in Germany, with the following functions:
       1. Electric skeleton - neck deep protection;
       2. Compatible with personalized mattresses - suitable for all kinds of soft and hard mattresses;

       3. Personalized bed frame embedding - no trace embedding into various bed frames;
       4. Safety and health protection - power off in time, zero radiation;
       5. Body physiotherapy system upgrade - three stage physiotherapy massage;

       6. The control system is convenient -- wireless controller.
       Li Yu, a doctor in the Qing Dynasty, said: "the key to health preservation should be sleep. Sleep can return essence, sleep can nourish Qi, sleep can strengthen spleen and stomach, sleep can strengthen bones and tendons. "Sleep is the post station of life journey. One third of the time in each life is spent in sleep. The first standard to measure health is the quality of sleep. Only when a person has enough sleep can he wake up in the morning and have strong energy to face the challenges of life, and then he can have a healthy body and prolong his life.

       We say that intelligent mattress has very outstanding intelligent function guarantee, and the following four advantages are so!
       1. Raising the head and feet is good for the whole body, promoting blood circulation, heart, lung, brain and legs;
       2. With built-in intelligent massage function, sub-health groups and middle-aged and old people can relieve fatigue and fall asleep easily in comfortable massage;

       3. Independent single mattress can enjoy the sweet world of two people without interfering with each other's activities. One side can massage or watch TV while sleeping;
       4. The mattress can be used with any style of bed such as Chinese style, European style, modern city, etc. the new bedstead and the old bedstead can be used without destroying the original decoration style.

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