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Intelligent mattress one key operation, intelligent bedding

DIKINO, originated in 1950 in Leipzig, Germany. Since the Holy Roman Empire, Leipzig has been a developed trading city. Since the 1980s, DIKINO has won many furniture awards, gradually increasing its popularity in the local area and thus stepping on the forefront of the industry. For more than 60 years, DIKINO has set a benchmark for mattresses and mattresses in Europe and the world, from a single indoor home to one of the top ten manufacturers of soft beds and mattresses in Europe.
In 2015, DIKINO entered China and authorized SIALIY Smart Home to be the general agent of mattress brand in Greater China. So far, SIALIY Smart Home has been adhering to DIKINO's corporate culture all the way. It has lasted three years to develop new intelligent electric mattress, start intelligent sleep monitoring system, select high-quality materials and professional production technology of smart mattress, and wholeheartedly build scientific intelligence for consumers. Sleep experience.
As we all know, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the quality of sleep has been paid more and more attention, a common mattress can not be satisfied, and the possession of an electric latex mattress has become a new era of pursuit of healthy and comfortable life loved and respected by people.  DIKINO Smart Mattress has opened a "one-button remote control lifting system" for you. Now let's see how it works for your Smart Mattress using mobile phones.
Mobile phone download dikino APP can control the movement of the bed in a long and short distance. It has 24 powerful practical functions. Open APP to enter four major interface adjustment. The first interface, mobile phone operation/lifting control, this interface can adjust the height of back legs according to their preferences at will; the second interface, mobile phone operation/practical function, DIKINO hand in hand with Germany OIKN to open a new humanized intelligent mattress standard for you, the system can automatically match the depth of sleep angle for you, you can store your favorite lifting angle, the next key to reach your storage. The third interface, mobile phone operation/massage physiotherapy control, click massage, instantly experience the cloud body feeling; the fourth interface, mobile phone operation/intelligent night light control, motor night light keys, smart mattress will become a gorgeous night scene. When you get up at night, you don't have to turn on the bedroom light to disturb your lover and children.
Intelligent mattress can adjust the mattress to the ideal comfortable sleeping posture by remote control operation of mobile phone. It is equipped with comfortable and soft natural latex core to effectively absorb sleep fluctuation, massage the body and create a comfortable and peaceful sleeping environment. Built-in intelligent massage system, while lifting and stretching, open massage function, further relax texture, massage intensity can be adjusted freely, a total of 24 massage, everywhere throughout the body relaxation. The key to high quality sleep is complete relaxation in bed, whether it's reading or watching TV, or having breakfast in bed... Touch the button to set up to sit or lie down, or even raise your legs to increase blood circulation.
DIKINO has been like a day for decades, but it has been leading the times in the field of mattresses, soft beds and other household areas, and has become the incubator of every innovative product. Like a smart mattress, DIKINO shines brighter again.

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