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Dikino Smart Mattress, Different Splendid

At the end of the nineteenth century, in the small town of Silk Rim in the United States, a cotton-binding Machine Craftsman began to produce a kind of cotton-plug mattress. From then on, mattresses began to mount the stage of modern bedding. At the end of the twentieth century, through the development of bag spring mattress and rubber foam cushion, designers applied infrared ray and magnetic line technology to mattress, which opened a new era of mattress.
Nowadays, smart home technology has become mature. Dikino, the high-end smart mattress brand of Smart Home, is dedicated to creating modern smart mattress and electric mattress of healthy sleep system by introducing advanced international design concepts and technology, combining with modern people's sleep needs and sub-health status, adhering to and revering the spirit of consistency and ingenuity.
Dikino focuses on electric smart mattress, latex mattress, and presents itself to the Chinese people with high quality. Now, Dikino Intelligent Mattress Brand Flagship Store has been established in Shenzhen to better share the brand's advanced technology and ideas with the people. Dikino Intelligent Mattress adopts a complete set of advanced production equipment and its own R&D team with only property rights. With intelligent mattress as the core product, the product has passed the certification of "ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management System, China Environmental Mark, China Environmental Protection Products, China Green Materials Certification" and so on.

"Dikino Smart Mattress, let Chinese people have healthy sleep" is the tireless pursuit of Dikino Smart Mattress brand, Dikino will also enable consumers to obtain satisfactory products and quality services, and inject more powerful power into smart home life! Dikino Intelligent Mattress, Brighten Intelligent Life!

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